Welcome to Game for Game

Welcome to Game for Game

Welcome to Game for Game GAMING CLUB, the new face of private gentlepersons style gaming in the inner west. Located at 31 May St, Saint Peter's, we are open for general attendance on both Saturday and Sunday from 12pm until 2am as well as week nights by appointment.

Attendance to the club requires an entry fee of $8 for non members, or $5 for members (membership is $30 per year) but allowances can be made for people in special circumstances.

We have roleplaying, wargaming & board gaming tables and a free form room available for use. Role-playing, board gaming and war gaming resources are available for general use.

Self service tea and coffee is available for $1, and drinks and snacks are there for reasonable prices.

Our gaming group is fun, enthusiastic and always looking for fresh victims for the cause.

Feel free to bring your own rpg books and game ideas as we are just as interested in having new games as new players. One-off games and play tests for conventions are also welcome.

ABOUT Game for Game
About Game for Gameclose

We are the fastest growing gaming club in Sydney

  • - Located at 31 May Street, St. Peters, NSW 2044
  • - Huge Warehouse Space
  • - Roleplaying, Wargaming, and Boardgaming

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Sign up and become a memebr of Game for Game Gaming Club.

  • - Membership costs $30.00 and is valid for 12 months.
  • - Get a reduced rate of $5.00 per gaming session.
  • - Support your club and have a say in club matters at the AGM.
What's On @ Game for Gameclose

We run games most days of the week. We are hoping to have our weekly schedule posted on our website soon. In the meantime, please check with our Facebook page for a current schedule of games.